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Information Literacy Interest Group: Meetings

Past Meetings

Recording of the 2023 ACL ILIG Annual Meeting. 

Discussion Summary/Topics Discussed
  • Credit-bearing IL courses
  • IL modules offered via the campus LMS, embedded in specific courses
  • IL assessment
  • Assignments that require students to complete a reference appointment
  • The need for more holistic integration of IL instruction throughout the curriculum rather than just at the beginning (1st-year writing courses) and the end (capstone courses).
  • Subject faculty's misunderstanding of students' IL skill level. Poor IL skills often attributed to laziness rather than genuine lack of IL.
  • ChatGPT/AI
    • How do we engage with it?
    • How can we help our faculty colleagues navigate the new information terrain 
    • Outreach possibilities - offer resources for understanding/using AI, leverage this connection into further discussion of IL for both faculty and students
    • Idea for instruction - include peer-review with citation evaluation as part of the writing process.
    • The challenges of crafting institutional policy regarding AI
    • Idea for instruction - supply a fixed set of sources and have students focus on civil discourse, peer-review, and accurately representing the information from the sources in the synthesis process.
    • Ways to take advantage of AI as an instructor - examples: have AI generate rubrics, lesson plans, assignment suggestions. Canva will generate presentations.
    • Additional problems with AI - algorithm biases 
Links/Resources Shared


Recording from Zoom meeting at ACL 2022 conference.

Recording from Zoom meeting at ACL 2021 conference.

Recording from meeting held online from 2020.