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Guide Editors

Jennifer Walz, Danville Community College

Julie Sweeney, Point Loma Nazarene University

Original Guide Creators

Elizabeth Fairall, Palm Beach Atlantic University
Jeff Gates, Cedarville University
Lina Poston, Nyack College

Information Literacy Interest Group

An interest group for librarians who are involved or interested in information literacy and wish to collaborate with other librarians to discuss relevant aspects of theory, practice, collaboration, trends, assessment etc. related to information literacy.

Who Can Join?

ILIG members must either be ACL members themselves or be working under the supervision of someone who is a full or associate ACL individual member at the same institution.

How Do I Join?

Send an email to stating you wish to join the Information Literacy Interest Group (ILIG) and include your full name, email address, and name of institution.

What Are Primary Topics Discussed?

  • New ACRL Framework
  • “Best Practice” IL assignments
  • “Best Practice” IL Teaching Tips
  • Collaboration with teaching faculty in the support of IL
  • Faith and learning integration and application with teaching IL
  • Assessment of IL

Information Literacy - General

Information Literacy Bibliography


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