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Christian Periodical Index for Librarians: Fulltext Titles Available to All

Information that makes a librarian's job easier in using, teaching, marketing, and evaluating CPI

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CPI Titles Available Full-text from Publishers

*Coverage may be complete or only select issues/articles

Journal Title

Fulltext Coverage

Acts & Facts

1999+ (PDF)

Affirmation & Critique

1996+ (PDF)

(Articles are available 1 year after being published in print.)

African Journal of Evangelical Theology 1990-2015 (PDF)

Africanus Journal

2009+ (PDF)

Alliance Academic Review

select, 1995-2000

Alliance Life

2005+ (PDF)

American Church Magazine

December 2012 - 2015 (PDF)


July 2006+

Artistic Theologian

2012+ (PDF)

Asbury Journal

2006+ (PDF)

Asbury Seminarian

1945-1985 (PDF)

Asbury Theological Journal

1986-2005 (PDF)

Assemblies of God Heritage

1981+ (PDF)

Banner of Sovereign Grace Truth 2011+ (PDF)

Bible Study Magazine

Nov/Dec 2014+

Bible Translator

Sample issue only

Books & Culture

select, 1995+;

Bulletin of Ecclesial Theology

2014+ (PDF

Burning Bush

1995+ (PDF)

Canadian Journal of Pentecostal-Charismatic Christianity

2010+ (PDF)

Carson-Newman Studies 2000+ (PDF)

Christian Business Review


Christian Educators Journal 1961-2010 (PDF)

Christian Higher Education

Sample issue only

Christian History

1982+ (PDF)

Christian Journal for Global Health

2014+ (PDF)

Christian Librarian

2017+ (PDF)

Christian Library Journal

1995+ (PDF)

Christian Reflection

Organized by topic not year published

Christian Research Journal

select articles only

Christian School Education

2013+ (v.17+)

Christian Standard

December 2018+

Church and Faith Trends select articles only


select, 1933+ (PDF)

Concordia Journal

current issue

Concordia Journal



2018+ (PDF)

Creation Research Society Quarterly

select, 1975+

Creation Social Sciences and Humanities Quarterly

select articles only

CT Pastors select articles only
Cultural Encounters Fall 2017+


July 2004+

Detroit Baptist Seminary Journal

Spring 1996+

Devoe Report 2017+ (PDF)

Didache : Faithful Teaching

2001+ (PDF)


select articles only

East-West Church & Ministry Report

1993 - 2005, 2006+ (PDF)

Eikon: a Journal for Biblical Anthropology 2019+ (PDF)


2010+ (PDF)

Englewood Review of Books

select articles and reviews only


1995-2015 (PDF)

Eruditio Ardescens

2013+ (PDF)

Evangelical Missions Quarterly

select articles only

Evangelicals Fall 2015+

Faith & Form

select articles only

Faith & Philosophy

1984+ (PDF)

Faith and the Academy 2016+ (PDF)

Faith Today


Family and Community Ministries 2012+ (PDF)

Founders Journal

1990+ (PDF)

Gospel Advocate

select articles only

Group : The Youth Ministry Magazine

select articles only

ICCTE Journal

2006+ (PDF)

Image : A Journal of Arts and Religion

select, 1989+


sample issue (PDF)


Fall 2012+

International Bulletin of Missionary Research 1981-2015 (PDF)

International Journal of Christianity & English Language Teaching

2014+ (PDF)

International Journal of Frontier Missiology

2007+ (PDF)

International Journal of Frontier Missions

1984-2006 (PDF)

Interreligious Insight

select, 2003+

Journal for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood

1995-2016 (PDF)

(includes previous title, CMBW News)

Journal for the Evangelical Study of the Old Testament


Journal of Biblical Ethics in Medicine

1987-1997 (PDF)

Journal of Biblical Integration in Business

1995+ (PDF)

Journal of Christian Nursing

select, 2004+ (PDF)

Journal of Christianity and Foreign Languages

2000-2015 (PDF)

Journal of Contemporary Theological Studies


Journal of Creation

select, 1984+ (PDF)

(Includes previous titles)

Journal of Grace Theology 2014+ (PDF)

Journal of Inductive Bible Studies

2014+ (PDF)

Journal of Southern Religion


Journal of Spiritual Formation and Soul Care

select articles only

Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation

1949+ (PDF)

Journal of the Christian Institute on Disability

2012+ (PDF)

(Free registration is required to access articles.)

Journal of the Evangelical Theological Society

1958+ (PDF)

(Articles are available 2 years after being published in print. Includes previous title.)

Journal of the Grace Evangelical Society


Journal of Virtues & Leadership

2010+ (PDF)

Just Between Us

select, 2009+

Kairos (Biblijski institut). English

2007+ (PDF)

Leading Hearts for Christian Women May/June 2018+


1990+ (PDF)

Logos and Pneuma

1994+ (PDF)

 Articles in Chinese; English abstracts at end of articles

Master's Seminary Journal

1990+ (PDF)

Media Development

2006+ (PDF)

(Most recent issue available only to members.)


2002+ (PDF)

Mennonite Quarterly Review

select, 1997+ (PDF)

Midwestern Journal of Theology

2003+ (PDF)

Ministry Tech Magazine

June 2015+ (PDF)

Mission Frontiers

1979+ (PDF)

Occasional Bulletin of Missionary Research 1977-1980

One Magazine

2005+ (PDF)

Pentecostal Education 2020+ (PDF)

Pentecostal Educator

2014-2017 (PDF)


2012+ (PDF)


Summer 2001+ (PDF)

Perspectives on Science and Christian Faith

1949+ (PDF)

(Articles available 1 year after being published.)

Pneuma Review

1998+ (PDF)

Priscilla Papers



July 2011+


select articles only

Puritan Reformed Journal

2009+ (PDF)


2019+ (PDF)

Renewing Minds

2012+ (PDF)

Social Work and Christianity

sample articles only



Southeastern Theological Review

2010+ (PDF)

Southwestern Journal of Theology

2010+ (PDF)


free sample only

Studies in Puritanism and Piety 2019+ (PDF)

TC: A Journal of Biblical Textual Criticism


Theological Librarianship

2008+ (PDF)

Theology of Leadership Journal  2018+ (PDF)

Thriving Family



select, 1986+ (PDF)

Transformation : An International Evangelical Dialogue on Mission and Ethics

sample issue only

Trinity Journal

sample articles only

Wesleyan Advocate


Wesleyan Life

Fall 2012+ (PDF)

2004-2013 (PDF)

Wesleyan Theological Journal


(Articles available 5 years after being published)

Westminster Theological Journal

select articles only

Witness : Journal of the Academy for Evangelism in Theological Education

1986+ (PDF)

Word and Deed

1998+ (PDF)



World Christianity and the Fourfold Gospel 2018+ (PDF)

World Vision

2003+ (PDF)

World Vision

1972-1998 (PDF)

World Vision Magazine

1964-1971 (PDF)

World Vision Today

1998-2003 (PDF)


select articles only