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CILA: Issue 8, Jean William Pierre

Issue 8, December 2019

Member Jean William Pierre, Haiti 

Tell us about your journey to librarianship.

 My name is Jean William Pierre; I live in Haiti. After graduating from high school, I went to Emmaus Biblical Seminary (now “Emmaus University” of Haiti) where I got my license in Theology in May 2018. I was the valedictorian of the class of 2018. A few days before my graduation the president of Emmaus, Dr. Matthew Ayars appointed me to assist Dr. Mark Leavell as the assistant librarian. I get my passion for books from my father a pastor and a teacher. I spend a lot of time at home arranging books and reading. When I was appointed to be the assistant librarian it was a dream come true. My mentor Dr. Mark Leavell returned to the United States this year and I was appointed to Director of Library Services. 


How long have you been a librarian? 

I have worked as a librarian at Emmaus for one year and four months and am pursuing a master’s degree in education at Emmaus.


What facet of the profession or your day-to-day responsibilities are you most passionate about?

There are two things I really enjoy doing - cataloging and helping staff and students find and use our resources. To get books and online resources we have some contacts in the United States, the United Kingdom and in Haiti to help us. We are affiliated with Langham Literature where we get French books every year. 


What are some ways you market services/resources to library users? 

 At the beginning of each academic year, we train library users on how to utilize our services and resources. This is one way in which we market the library. 


What are some low budget or free professional development venues that you participate in currently?

 Although I would like to have a degree in library science, I am not currently a credentialed librarian. I learn a lot from ACL members and I have great relationships with some. I watch online videos on library-related things.  My library uses OPALS, so I set aside time to learn our system better via OPALS’ website.


What is the single most chllenging thing for you to accomplish as an international librarian? [i.e. purchasing print resources, funding professional development activities, providing resources to library users who may not have the internet at home, etc.?]

Although our sponsors send us new resources each year, the single most challenging thing is finding print and online resources in French.  

If CILA were to support your library in the future, what would your single greatest need be?

CILA support would be helpful in finding print and online resources in French and English. I would also like to participate in more professional development activities to increase my library expertise