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Christian Periodical Index for Librarians: Home

Information that makes a librarian's job easier in using, teaching, marketing, and evaluating CPI

Recent Updates

Titles recently approved and appearing soon in CPI:

  • International Journal of Urban Transformation (March 2019)
  • Near East Archaeological Society Bulletin (March 2019)
  • Theology of Leadership Journal (September 2018) 
  • Bulletin for Biblical Leadership (September 2018) 
  • Journal of Moravian History (September 2018) 
  • Journal of Theological Interpretation (September 2018) 
  • Journal of World Christianity (September 2018) 
  • Soundings (September 2018) 
  • ​D6 Family Ministry Journal (September 2018)
  • International Journal of Frontier Missiology (April 2018)
  • Artistic Theologian (March 2018)
  • International Journal of Christianity and English Language Teaching (March 2018)
  • Christian Journal for Global Health (December 2018)
  • Mission Frontiers (November 2017)
  • SEEN: the journal of CIVA, Christians in the Visual Arts (September 2017)

CPI on the Road

Headed to a conference? Want to talk about CPI? Look for CPI representatives at each of the following conferences:

  • June 2019 -- Association of Christian Librarians Conference (Marion, Indiana)

About CPI

Christian Periodical Index® provides indexing for evangelical Christian journals providing both articles and review indexing. Current indexing includes over 160 titles back to 1956.

Although religion, theology, biblical studies and pastoral theology are prominent subjects in the index, CPI covers articles in science, literature, medicine, music, philosophy, history, sociology and education which put forth a Christian worldview.  The index is owned and indexed by the Association of Christian Librarians.

Image of CPI

Christian Peirodical Index -- the essential resource for the study of evangelical Christianity

Publication Coverage

CPI includes over 160 current periodicals:

  • Current titles—Alphabetically
    (.doc or .pdf)
  • Current titles—By Subject
    (.doc or .pdf)
  • Current titles—With Publisher links (.html)
  • All titles—Alphabetically
    (.xls, .html or .pdf)
  • Full text titles (.html)
  • Peer-reviewed and scholarly titles (.pdf)

Publication Types

  • Peer-reviewed Journals
  • Scholarly Journals
  • Magazines

Selection Policy

New titles are considered for addition to the index based upon member, indexer, and publisher recommendations. The CPI Team evaluates titles throughout the year and bases its decisions on a written selection policy, copies of which are available on request from the CPI Team Coordinator.