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Information to for current, retrospective, and prospective indexers for CPI

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Hope you are making plans to join the ACL Conference in St. Paul, Minnesota this June. Here are a few conference details related to CPI indexing:

1. Indexing Day is Sunday from 1-5 pm (or whenever you arrive on campus). It's a casual time to get some retrospective indexing completed, using Northwestern's library collection. Lori will have a list of issues to index, and you can pick one (or more!) to tackle. We'll see how much we can get done until our stomachs start rumbling, when we'll pack up and find dinner together off-campus. Conference activities will begin after dinner.

2. Fellowship time on Monday, 4:45 PM – 5:15 PM -- During Conference, we're hosting an informal gathering of indexers. There's no set agenda, but it will be a great time to invite people you know who are thinking about indexing to come meet others. 

3. Workshop 4C: Preserving Endangered Titles in CPI & Beyond (Wednesday morning) -- In response to concerns shared by the CPI Team and the ACL Board, Leslie Starasta is leading a discussion to explore ways to address the preservation of these journals that we're indexing. If you're curious, too, about how we can work together to ensure ongoing access to important resources, I hope you'll join us!

As a reminder, conference registration is open now through May 9. Early bird registration ends March 19. Hope to see you in St. Paul!

How to Index

Fridays in February

Fridays in February was a series of training sessions to introduce indexing for CPI. Additional, more formal training is available above. However, if you like the interactive aspect of this type of training, look for another round of such sessions next February!  

  • Part 1, Indexing reviews --Friday, February 2
  • Part 2, Indexing articles (descriptive indexing and identification of subject headings) – Friday, February 9
  • Part 3, Hands-on indexing practice (articles and reviews) – Friday, February 16
  • Bonus session with indexing tips – Friday, February 23

Issue indexed: The Journal of Grace Theology 5:2 (Fall 2018)

Text Editors

Using a Mac with your text files? So that we don't have trouble with smart punctuation, please read:

  1. In Textedit (The Mac text editor), choose the Textedit item from the top menu, then select preferences.
  2. In the preferences screen, make sure that format is set to plain text. This should be the default.
  3. Further down, there’s an options section with several checkboxes. Uncheck smart dashes and smart quotes. You may also want to uncheck text replacements and correct spelling automatically; those are up to you. Close the window, and the changes are saved and should stay the same across restarts of the text editor.

This info is from MacOS 10.11 but is probably the same or very similar in other versions.

Using a PC? Although Notepad works fine,if you want a few more features (like search and replace), try out Notepad++ (

Interested in Indexing?

From time to time, we have openings for additional indexers. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact Sarah Wessel.

Recently Approved Titles -- Want to Index One?

Titles recently approved and appearing soon in CPI:

  • Israel My Glory (May 2024)
  • Revista Reformada Puritana (March 2024)
  • Integration: A Journal of Faith and Learning (February 2024)
  • Journal of Biblical Literature (January 2024)
  • The Furrow (October 2023)
  • The Mockingbird (September 2023)
  • AGC Journal (March 2023)
  • Academia de Teologia Reformada (February 2023)
  • Liberty University Law Review (February 2023)
  • Lexington Theological Seminary Quarterly (February 2023)
  • Journal of Classical Theology (January 2023)
  • Philosophia Christi (January 2023)
  • Bulletin of the Evangelical Philosophical Society (January 2023)
  • CCCU Advance (June 2022)
  • The Chosen People (May 2022)